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Breaking News!

Census 2016 claims 8,976,550 people in Australia have no Religion or are Non-Christian

NOW is the time to endeavour to reach as many of these people with the Gospel before it is too LATE

Here is a Vision and Strategy for Christmas 2017 for your church to consider


To The Church Leadership in Queensland,


Our Vision and we pray, hopefully yours........

Great Commission Ministry Inc. is inviting every Church in Queensland to consider catching the vision, of every Church in Qld reaching 1,000’s homes with a presentation of the Gospel and an invitation to your Christmas Carols, or any other Special Christmas event in December 2017.

We would provide envelopes addressed to “Dear Neighbour” containing the Gospel Booklet “IS THERE A GOD and can I live forever” and a DL leaflet with the details of your special event printed on the back.

These envelopes would be delivered into letterboxes around your church starting on the 1st December 2017. It will involve very few volunteers from your church to complete this task.

We are praying for a minimum of 75 churches to catch this vision and, thereby, reaching 75,000 homes and 200,000 people.

We will provide:

  1. An envelope addressed “Dear Neighbour”
  2. DL leaflet a message, “God’s FREE GIFT Much greater than we deserve” on the front. On the back of this leaflet, all the details regarding your Christmas Carols Celebration or Special Christmas event will be printed. It will also include your contact details.
    Printing will be done free of charge!
  3. Evangelistic Booklet. “IS THERE A GOD and can I LIVE forever”.

Great Commission Ministry Inc. is offering all of these items.

This project is FREE of Cost, but any donations towards it would be greatly appreciated.

The ministry account is: Great Commission Ministry Inc. Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 063108. Account No: 10628020.

Click here to register by 30th September. We will need the following information:

Church details, Minister’s name, postal address and phone number, as well as the quantity you want to distribute.  Details with any artwork, or a photo of your church etc, for your Christmas Celebration, to be printed on DL, will need to be received by Friday 20th October. If you want help with the artwork, we will be able to help as we have graphic designers on board.


On Behalf of Great Commission Ministry Inc.,

Noel & Tricia

Pastor Noel & Tricia Newton (Churches of Christ Minister)


“The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance”. 2 Peter 3:9

Giving everyone in Australia an opportunity of knowing Christ.

Under the leadership of Pastor Noel and Tricia Newton we are starting in Queensland. We plan to distribute over 200,000 gospel booklets called 'Is there a God and can I live forever?' These will be distributed in DL envelopes along with a DL leaflet. We will provide these booklets FREE for you to distribute.

If you partner with us in distributing these booklets you will also have the opportunity to place your Church's details on the back of the DL leaflet, please let us know what you require. If your church would like to participate in this most important project, please
register your interest here.

'Is There A God' mailout pack

Great Commission Ministry Inc

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